About Us

Aspiring is an international manufacturer of digital devices and auto electronics for cars and businesses.

Aspiring exists on the Ukrainian market since 2006, having won the recognition of consumers and partners as a manufacturer of technological and high-quality products at a reasonable price.

All Aspiring devices are certified and undergo several stages of quality control, from the factory to the store.

In this year, full of difficulties and challenges, Aspiring was able to adapt to new market conditions and continued to delight its customers with affordable and high-quality products.

Due to excellent quality, affordable prices and wide distribution in large chains, Aspiring products are regularly ranked among the top sellers according to various analytical agencies.

Our products

Aspiring devices include:

DVRs, Car vacuum cleaners, Car compressors, FM transmitters, Starter chargers, DVR mirrors, Webcams, Portable speakers, Power banks and Action cameras.


Service maintenance is carried out in an authorized service center in the city of Kyiv.

Technical support for Aspiring devices is provided by technical support engineers tel. 098 049 09 11

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